Krushnai Water Park

Krushnai Water Park is in Donge gaon, near Sinhagad Fort Pune. This adventurous and cool Water Park is spread across 10 acres of land.

Krushnai Water Park is one of the best places near pune. The entire premises is beautifully landscaped and its aesthetics invites you for a long walk.

Krushnai Water Park provides high standard services to all guests. Krushnai Water Park is suitable for fun and adventure for all ages guests. The quality and safety of the treated water is of paramount importance to a visitor attraction like this.

The safety and enjoyment of our visitors is of utmost importance and we need to ensure they enjoy themselves in an aquatic environment that has water treated to the highest standards.

It is radically a different water park. It has an array of rides for children, youngsters and young at heart grown up’s. The Park is famous for clean & clear water, technologically safe and a good base for making your visit moments historic.

It Consist of more than 5 amazing rides, allowing thrill seekers of all ages to experience one adrenaline rush after another without leaving the water. For the not so brave and the laid back, Krushnai offer hours of relaxation.

It’s the perfect place to unwind, sit back and have a great time. Play in the spray of a waterfall. Relax on a floating journey down the wave pool. Rocket down the water slides. Kid’s around in the wave pool. Get wet, relax and have fun!

 There are about 10 – 11 attractions and water rides in Krushnai Water Park.

  1. Turnpikes

    Turnpikes takes you to the magical experience with multi lane rides.

  2. Aqua Trail

    These water park slides are open rides. The rider uses tube rafts to slide.

  3. Rain Dance

    Among the most fun zone is the Rain Dance at Krushnai Water park.

  4. Crazy Cruise

    Crazy cruise is an exclusive body slide ride. The rider starts with a deep fall drops to a height of 30 feet and lands straight into swimming pool.

  5. Magic Sway

    This water sensation at Krushnai Water Park has become a special attraction. The pulse racing Magic Sway is a must experience water thrill.

  6. Twister

    Twister storms you with exciting water whirls. Slide into it and experience exuberance at its peak.

  7. Black Hole

    The exciting sensation wraps you inside and exists you smoothly in the pool. You start at the top of the tunnel and travel towards the bottom at extreme speeds making you and your partner scream and shout with excitement.

Kids Water Park family Rides

  1. Pirate Island

    Pirates have invaded, a Kids play area designed to occupy the kids with various short and long slides.

  2. Little Champs

    There’s special zone for juniors. The pool is named as Little Champs. It Offers them a complete freedom and lot of fulfilled attractions, which they enjoy to the fullest.

  3. Wave Pool

    Step into the Wave pool and experience the dancing sea. You will literally feel like embracing the sea waves on your favorite beach.

    Every wave coming your way rocks with music masti, powered by our Dj. This makes it a must experience attraction at Krushnai Water Park.

And many other attractions.

Krushnai Water Park is open between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information, tariffs and rules and regulations you can visit their website.