Malta’s famous Azure Window collapsed

Malta’s famous Azure Window collapsed into the sea.

On 8 March 2017, The famous Malta’s Azure Window rock collapsed into the sea after heavy storms.

Malta’s Azure Window is a limestone arch is an island, in the Maltese archipelago near Dwejra Bay on Gozo. This famous rock is one of the most visited locations in Europe.

The Azure Window has long been a popular sight for tourists, who were able to take a boat tour that followed the cliffs before spying the grand arch.

In 2013, a geological study found that while erosion was inevitable, there was no imminent danger of the structure collapsing.

Malta’s Azure Window rock formation came crashing down into the sea On 8 March 2017. Geologist Peter Gatt said the limestone pillar supporting the arch gave way. He attributed the collapse to years of erosion by both under and overground sea swells.

Malta's famous Azure Window collapses into the sea